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Assorted Towelettes (20 Count)

Herban Essential

I love these towelettes. I can’t stand the smell of regular sanitizers. The Herban essentials products are a healthier alternative, and I love their fresh smell and the portability. I use them for my hands, on my counters, in my car. Always carry them in my pockets. Highly recommend.

Eucalyptus Towelettes

Still have not received product

Great product!!!!!

Provence in a towelette!

Relaxing and so aromatic! Makes me think of my time in France...

I love these things!

I absolutely adore Herban Essentials wipes. The scents are wonderful and they are so useful in so many ways. I keep them in my purse, in my car, in my desk, and in my gym bag. My husband loves them too!! These wipes are seriously the best!!

Great products

I love these products and easy to carry around. I put some in my car too.

Mini Gift Set

Great gift

Sent this set to my sister who was so appreciative. We love these towelettes!

Excellent product

Lovely scent and quality product.

Mini Gift Set

Best scent and long lasting

This scent stays in the room for hours but it’s not overpowering. Love it!

Orange Towelettes

Herban Essentials

I was very pleased with your service and for the mini gift sets. When there was a problem with my order, you responded immediately, and I received the rest of my order. Thank you!

The Best

Great, refreshing scents and convenience!

Love the fresh smell of orange. Makes me think sunshine!

Ordered the products to share with someone who is going through cancer treatment. Aroma therapy helps brighten visits,,,

Very nice!

Good for cleaning the puppy .

Great for gifts

Only complaint is it didn't arrive by Christmas.

Yoga Towelettes

They are awesome.

Lavender towelettes

Love them Used them on my legs and my feet So relaxing

Best thing since Vick’s Vapor Rub

I literally fell in love with these wipes! I put the Eucalyptus ones over my face to help me breath when I’m stuffed up or have a cold and the Lavender ones are great to help you relax!

Orange Towelettes