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Assorted Towelettes (20 Count)

Musty smell after it dries

I loved the idea of these and am a big fan of essential oils however, they leave a a musty after smell on both skin and clothes. To make sure it was not just me I tries on friends, husband mom...same result. Disappointed.

Herban essentials Towelettes

I have been purchasing this product for a few years and finally decided to do a subscription. There are a variety of scents, but among my favorites are Eucalyptus and Lavender. Mint provides a quick pick me up, Eucalyptus awakens my senses and helps ease congestion, and Lavender is calming. The product provides a spa-like experience, but the best part is the hydrated result from the essential oils. I get clean, refreshed, and moisturized all from one product! Bonus, the towelettes are very convent for everyday use and traveling! I can’t get enough of Herbal Essentials!

Love, Love the Lavender Towelettes

Love the lavender towelettes - I take them with me everywhere I go - there are always some in my purse and car. They have saved the day for me many times as well as for my friends and family. Can't sya enough good bout them.

Always in my handbag

I have used this product for years, keep them in my car, travel bag and purse. Good healthy, easy way to stay clean.

Orange wipes

Excellent scent..feel.....refreshing!

Lemon Towelettes

Mini gift set

I have been buying Assorted Towelettes and Essential for a while. They are in my car, purse, several rooms and have been given to my daughter. Many kinds to choose from and they smell good!!!

Love these little germ-killing gems!

I have used these natural cleaning wipes for years on myself and my dogs and absolutely love them. I keep them in my car, my purse, my toiletry bag and my yoga bag, for quick easy refreshment of hands, feet and other smelly parts. Very nice!

Smelling Fruity

I love the orangey smell it is very refreshing. I use it on my Face and Body. It also gives the area I am a refreshing smell GO ORANGE FRESH


I can’t share enough positive thoughts about our Herban Towelettes! I give them as gifts to everyone!
They are a tiny, luxurious way of keeping my family and friends safe! I love all of the scents! Thank you!

Teacher's Must Have

I purchased Herban Essentials towelette, orange scent because I am a teacher who is in the classroom. Our school chose the hybrid model, so we are in class 3 days a week. So, while in the classroom, I can't stop to wash my hands every time the need arises, so having the newsletter in my backpack and purse gives me the convenience I need to keep my hands washed and prevents me from spreading germs from one place to another.

Perfect little individual wipes

These wipes are everything they are perfect for car office Purse’s gym bags they are wonderful

Been using for years

After I’m done with the towelettes I leave it on steering wheel and my entire car smells great
Keep making this great product!!!

Essential Convenience

I first discovered these way before the Troubles — way before everyone started using whatever “hand sanitizer” was around. (Beware, some of these are quite dangerous.) These wipes have no toxic chemicals and do have a lovely natural fragrance. You can hand wash any time you’re out - doing errands, picnicking, boating, hiking. For me, they’re absolutely essential to have in the car. After I wash my hands, I wipe off the steering wheel. Fabulous!

Thank you Herban Essentials!


I have bought the lavender, citrus and peppermint scents. I love them all but the peppermint is a little strong so I don't use those around my face. Great for carrying individual packets in my purse.


I love these handy towelettes. I have some everywhere. Gym bag, purse, car, to name a few. Super handy. Lemon is my favorite these days.

I wanted the.large packs. Teciebef the mini ones.

❤️❤️❤️ these

I’ve gotten two mini gift sets, one for me and one for a family member and the feedback couldn’t be better. The scents and variety are wonderful. I’ve got them stashed all over the place.

Great for giving ‼️

I ordered the mini gift bags to use as gifts, with an explanation as to how special they are. So, start with cheeks, down to the throat, and upper chest bone, on to the arms, then lastly, your hands, to use all the essential oils.

I also hand them out at campouts for a fireside bath. They really make your feet feel so pampered.

So refreshing

Love these wipes

expensive product

Liked the all lemon packages but apparently they don't exist anymore. What a shame.

Peppermint yes!

Peppermint definitely the best of the bunch! Lavender comes in second...not so keen on the lemon ones because they are almost like a cleaning kitchen disinfectant wipe.


LOVE these wipes! We use them in our home gym to help give our workouts a little extra pep. We just hang one over our squat rack and Voila! Instant pep!

Workout reward

Love these towelettes...my fav go to after a sweaty workout. I especially love the lavender & citrus scents.