Our Promise

We are dedicated to continually improving our practices to minimize our environmental impact. We are not perfect, but we are dedicated to making meaningful progress towards sustainability and strive to avoid any greenwashing of our efforts. This page aims to provide transparency and insight into our eco-conscious decision-making process.

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New Eco-Conscious Bags

Say hello to our new WasteMade™ Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) bags from Grounded Packaging. Made from a jaw-dropping 85% recycled material, the highest amount of recycled plastic content in the world! These are the real MVPs of our eco upgrades. And here's the kicker – they're also fully recyclable. Talk about closing the loop on recycling and reducing our carbon footprint. We're all about making moves toward a greener, cleaner future, and these bags are leading the charge.

But Where Can I Recycle This Bag?

All the national grocery retailers (such as Kroger, Safeway, Walmart, etc.) and many smaller retailers offer bag recycling collections in their stores.

Use the Recycling Search Button below to find a location near you. Just enter #4 and your ZIP code.

Resealable Bag Properties

Fossil Fuel Reduction

We are removing 850 kg of fossil fuel per 1000kg of material used.

Carbon Reduction

We are reducing 1361 kgCO² per 1000kg of material used.

Recycled Plastic

Contains mostly recycled plastic content. Up to 85% PCR.

Recyclable Plastic

You can still toss these bags into the #4 recycling stream to be recycled again.

Nontoxic Ink

These bags are printed with biobased inks that do not require petroleum-based solvents.

New Towelette Material

We've been dreaming of upgrading our towelettes for years, but essential oils can be finicky with certain materials. We're over the moon to announce our new towelettes made from natural cellulose fiber that will not degrade over time from the essential oil! This is a huge, eco-friendly leap from our old synthetic material, and we can't wait for you to try them!

Get this: our new towelettes are FSC certified, meaning they come from responsibly managed forests and meet the strict environmental/social standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They're more eco-friendly than similar counterparts, requiring less water and resources during production.

But Can I Recycle These Towelettes?

Unfortunately, our towelettes and their individual wrappers aren't recyclable just yet. We’re dedicated to creating top-notch products, which means our packaging needs to be durable and shelf-stable. The good news is that our new towelette material is both biodegradable and strong enough to handle essential oils. However, we’re still on the hunt for an eco-friendly wrapper that meets our standards for shelf stability. Rest assured, as soon as we find one, we’ll make the switch!

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd like to be! But our products contain essential oils, which require special packaging to maintain their quality and effectiveness. Unfortunately, this means our current materials aren’t compostable. We’re always actively researching eco-friendly alternatives that can handle the unique needs of our products. If you have a suggestion, we're all ears!

No, soft plastic recycling is challenging, this material either needs to go into a dedicated polyethylene stream (#2 or #4) or a drop-off soft plastics collection stream which are limited, although growing rapidly! Click here to find out where you can recycle the bags.