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Fresh cut lemons

These lemon towelettes smell just like a freshly cut lemon smells. It’s the most refreshing aroma for any purpose including sweaty faces, feet, freshening yoga mats and other work out equipment and dozens of other every day needs.

Peppermint Towelettes
Tisha Threatt

Smells and feels great

Orange Towelettes
D B from Minnesota
Convenient cleansing

I keep your towelettes in my car and purse. They clean really well and smell wonderful. They can be used a couple of times during my long drive if I need them. They are larger sheets which I really like. Great product.

Mini Gift Set
Elizabeth Imler

Love these wipes.

Mini Gift Set
Heather Arnold

Wonderful product

Assorted Towelettes (20 Count)
Michelle M Patricio

I bought more of the same earlier as part of Christmas gift bags a d all of my friends loved them. I bought this last order to replace mine that I gave away. Their great.

Lavender Towelettes
Irene Gonzales
beautiful scent

perfect to put in purse or tote bag

Never Received

I did not receive this item. Tracking does not show delivered. ???

Lemon Towelettes
Heather Christman

Lemon Towelettes

Fresh/Clean Scents

Enjoy the fesh and clean scents of these Wipes and the convenience! Also, our pup loves the Lavender Wipes just for her🐾!

Mini Gift Set
Rochelle Picetti

Herbal Essence is my go to product. I ordered the mini gift set to compliment my large orders of this great product. I use it daily on my face and skin. It is a fabulous product, which I highly recommend.

Incredible product

These natural oil wipes are a must have product. Used one of the lavender scented ones on my daughter’s dog, who was visiting. Four days later, my house still smelled incredible and the dog had been gone for the four days. Great in the car as well. I’ll be purchasing more!

Mini Gift Set
Great products!

Great products! These wipes are convenient to carry in your purse, gym bag, car console, etc.
they smell amazing, and are wonderful to freshen up with. Highly recommend.

Bought as gifts

I love your your towelette's. They smell wonderful. Reordered for Xmas gifts.

Eucalyptus Towelettes
Teresa Miller

The towelettes were part of a Christmas gift. So I have no rating, sorry.

Lemon Towelettes
Mary ellen

Lemon Towelettes

So many uses for these Herban Essentials Towelettes

I use the Lemon Towelettes for travel on the airline to clean off the seats. The smell is very nice. I use the Orange Towelettes to get wipe the floor after a spill to keep ants away. Sometimes ants find a new way inside, especially before a rain storm so I wipe the area where they are coming in with the Orange Towelettes and they disappear.

Lemon Towelettes
Frances Hare
Smells delicious

The lemon towelettes smell wonderful and feel great on your skin.

Lemon Towelettes
Heidi Martino
Bama mom

Love these towelettes!! Gives me a fresh feeling when I get sweaty and it’s small enough to keep in a purse or back pack. Gave a bunch of these for Christmas gift.


I love these towelettes. Good for a quick, cleansing pick-me-up.

My dog love the towelettes. The fresh scent is a plus especially in between grooming.

Lemon Towelettes
Linda Goller

Love these lemon towelettes. Wish they came in larger packages.

Yoga Towelettes
Nancy Cook
Performance Suggesttion

Your proofreader needs to be fired and/or educated. On the initial email screen were the words XMAS "DLEIVERY" and "ODER" BEFORE... One spelling error is a mistake. Two errors are an embarrassment. Your product is delightful. Don't belittle your company, colleagues, and product by such an easily corrected detail. I expect to see resolution of this issue in future publications or I will be compelled to break ties. NC

Towlette Uses

The Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lavender towelettes scent the small trash bin in the bathroom. When it pops open, there is a refreshing whiff from the towlette sheet placed on the bottom of the wastebasket

Orange Towelettes
Tori Peretzman

Would be nice if the dog wipes were bigger