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The best Towlettes

I have been using Herban Towlettes for years. My family and friends love them. I give them for gifts throughout the year. Everyone has their favorite fragrance so I usually buy quite a few throughout the year. Please don’t stop making them.

Eucalyptus Towelettes
Susan Robinson
A moment of pure bliss😌

I have been using Herban Essentals for about 13 years. Not daily, but for that instant I need a pick me up, a cleanup from picking litter from our beautiful beaches in Ocean Shores, Wa., , always after a day in the sun, when down in the BVI, or Costa Rica. I give them as gifts, pop one into a card, to a friend, or hand one to a Mom, with a kid that needs a cleanup. They ate fantastic, and always make me feel just a tad bit elegant, and special. Not just any old wipe, these are the Bomb!
Eucalyptus has become my favorite, could become an addiction😎

Mini Gift Set
Lorri V

They're refreshing. I just put a couple in my bag, the kids backpacks or my husband's lunch box. The scents are amazing. Each scent has its own unique health properties. I found them during the pandemic and have been enjoying them ever since.

The Best Fragrance Towelettes

I liked them so well that I introduced them to my friends by inserting one in cards that I sent on various occasions.

Lavender Towelettes
Kathryn Prior
Lavender Towelettes

They're great! Where ever I go people tell me I smell great.

lavender towelettes

love the scent and it lasts all day, refreshing on the hot days in Texas, have given to friends and they have ordered for themselves.

Lemon Towelettes
Victoria Ripple
Best gifts

I gift Herban Essentials to so many grateful people…lemon, lavender and eucalyptus seem to be the favs.

Beautyful product

I love the Orange towelettes.....smell sooooo good and happy when you use them. When I get a few bucks I will be ordering more....Love your products

Lemon Towelettes
Kathryn Prior
Lemon Towellets

They're great!

Lavender Towelettes
Robert Chesrow
Love Herban Lavender

I've been using Herban Essentials for many years now. In my opinion they are the absolute best! My favorite is lavender.

Lemon Towelettes
Fresh, Clean, & Healthy

I've used all of the Herban Essentials towelettes, and love each and every scent. Lately I'm on a lemon kick. Who doesn't love the fresh scent of lemons? I'm allergic to perfumes and other chemical-added scents. I love that these towelettes are made with essential oils and I can enjoy clean scents without fear of a reaction. I keep these in my car, purse, and throughout my house. They're also a great gift!

Lemon Towelettes
Lemon Towelettes

fresh smell and convenient. I take them in my purse, doggy bag & suitcase.

Herban Essentials saves the day

We are pleased with the Herban Essential towelette because the fragrances are fresh and uplifting, yet not overpowering. We used the towelette in our wedding treat bag and the guests were grateful for its presence. The package was next to food items and they did not pick up the scent. Thank you Herban Essentials!

They work great.

The fragrance is like being in a field of lavender. Not perfume or fake

Lavender Towelettes
Lori Boren Mayse
Lavender towelette

Love these! I ride bicycles and always put one in my jersey. You never know when you’re going to need one!

Not Received

The assorted Towelettes were not received if I'm not mistaken. I personally do not have them.


Great for everything and everywhere!

Orange Towelettes
Candace Katta-Liptrot
The Orange Towelettes are Awesome

This is the second time I have ordered the Orange Towelettes and I have to say they are still awesome as the last time. When I wipe a space down in public someone always “asks where did you get those? They smell so good!”

These are so relaxing!

I have used these lavender towelettes for years. I find them especially helpful after a long work-out to refresh my mind and body. I also like using them when stressed to inhale the calming scent of lavender. They are fabulous!

Peppermint Towelettes
Justina Sharp
The Best!

I absolutely love the smell of peppermint and with the super hot temps we have had lately, the peppermint is so refreshing! I also i put one in my car vent while the air conditioner is blaring to make my car smell amazing!!

Love the Lavender

Love all the essential oils!

Lavender Towelettes
Elizabeth Melillo
Delightful and lasting scent

The lavender towelettes are of ample size to use all over. The scent is lovely, and isn't gone in five minutes (as may be true with cheaper brands.) The Herban product is expensive, and no longer available locally, so the costs with shipping are high - but they are a nice treat, and perfect to relax with, or to carry in outdoor heat.

More Uses Than Imagined

These towelettes are so useful for any and every thing you can imagine. Plus they are packed so conveniently, and never dry out. I keep them all over my home, in my car, at work, and carry all the scents with me. Love love love these!!

Love these

So glad I found these! Use them after bowling. My friends all wanted to know “where” I got them. This year I purchased them all their own pouches for Christmas!!