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Eucalyptus Towelettes

These wipes are awesome, I’ve been using them way before COVID came into play. They smell great and help keep your hands clean. They also make great gift. Thank you for such a great product.


Love these towelettes, love both the orange and lemon scents

Lemon Towelettes

Herban essentials

Amazing! The smell and beautiful packaging! Highly recommend for everything, from cleaning yoga mats to walks with the dog!

Love using Herban towelettes in my classroom

I’ve been using your fantastic towelettes in my classroom for a few months now. My students love the scent. You have high praise from one of my 8th grade students who said the towelettes are “Fire!!” That’s high praise from an 8th grade boy!

Very refreshing and keeps Dakota zen like

I purchased the Herban Essentials for me so why not for my fur baby. They are very nice and aromatic. I definitely would purchase again! and quick delivery

Big Fan Since 2012

I discovered your products in Afghanistan in 2012, someone just let a lemon towelette on a shelf . . .my life has never been the same. I purchase every scent all the time, mostly now at World Market and Amazon, but sometimes direct from the website.

Great in between bath

Love the lavender!

The Gift that keep on GIVING!

We have two fur-babies, one large and one small. We recently had the large baby fixed...and we cannot give her a bath for about two weeks and these wipes have come in SOOOOOO handy I can use them after a long walks or a quick run outside in hot sun or RAINY DAYS, these are the perfect little thing to help keep my Pretty babies FRESH!

Great to have around

Amazing smelling handy wipes, gave them everywhere, purse,car, work , home in every room. I really enjoy them and will be a lifelong customer!

I didn't receive it.

Super item!

I love these. I have been using them for over 5 years. Not only for my pups..(especially when we travel). I use them for myself and my grandkids. Even though I use plain wipes, these offer a more relaxing opportunity with safe ingredients.

No Clue

Remove orders from your hands after smoking.

Assorted Towelettes (20 Count)

Herban essentials Towelettes

I have been purchasing this product for a few years and finally decided to do a subscription. There are a variety of scents, but among my favorites are Eucalyptus and Lavender. Mint provides a quick pick me up, Eucalyptus awakens my senses and helps ease congestion, and Lavender is calming. The product provides a spa-like experience, but the best part is the hydrated result from the essential oils. I get clean, refreshed, and moisturized all from one product! Bonus, the towelettes are very convent for everyday use and traveling! I can’t get enough of Herbal Essentials!

Love, Love the Lavender Towelettes

Love the lavender towelettes - I take them with me everywhere I go - there are always some in my purse and car. They have saved the day for me many times as well as for my friends and family. Can't sya enough good bout them.

Always in my handbag

I have used this product for years, keep them in my car, travel bag and purse. Good healthy, easy way to stay clean.

Orange wipes

Excellent scent..feel.....refreshing!

Lemon Towelettes

Mini gift set

I have been buying Assorted Towelettes and Essential for a while. They are in my car, purse, several rooms and have been given to my daughter. Many kinds to choose from and they smell good!!!

Love these little germ-killing gems!

I have used these natural cleaning wipes for years on myself and my dogs and absolutely love them. I keep them in my car, my purse, my toiletry bag and my yoga bag, for quick easy refreshment of hands, feet and other smelly parts. Very nice!

Smelling Fruity

I love the orangey smell it is very refreshing. I use it on my Face and Body. It also gives the area I am a refreshing smell GO ORANGE FRESH


I can’t share enough positive thoughts about our Herban Towelettes! I give them as gifts to everyone!
They are a tiny, luxurious way of keeping my family and friends safe! I love all of the scents! Thank you!

Teacher's Must Have

I purchased Herban Essentials towelette, orange scent because I am a teacher who is in the classroom. Our school chose the hybrid model, so we are in class 3 days a week. So, while in the classroom, I can't stop to wash my hands every time the need arises, so having the newsletter in my backpack and purse gives me the convenience I need to keep my hands washed and prevents me from spreading germs from one place to another.