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Orange Towelettes
Love the Eucalyptus best, orange is nice, too.

Wish you made Eucalyptus more easily available.

Absolutely love these wipes. Subtle scent, not overwhelming.


Fresh and clean and no oily residue.

Orange Towelettes
jane mccoll

I like the lemon & orange the best —

Love these, they don’t dry out my hands. Every-time I open a pack people wonder what is that scent


Absolutely fresh and delicious. Glad I found this shop.


Dogs love them

Eucalyptus Towelettes
Priscilla Lyden
Dried up

Completely dried up.I didn’t open the towelettes within the 30 day return window so now I’m stuck with an expensive and unusable product.


The whole experience with theses towelettes is exquisite. Fragrance, clean-up, easy to keep everywhere.

Orange is my favorite!

The orange towelettes never disappoint!

Love these!

These little cloths are so great- I take them on my dog walks to clean my hands, keep several in my purse to use in restaurants before/after eating, and have them in my glove box. When I use in the car, the fragrance makes my car smell fabulous!

Love love love

Eucalyptus Towelettes

Lemon Towelettes
Cindy Tubbs

Love love these hand toilets

Lavender Towelettes
Rebecca Weaver
Love these!

I use almost all the “flavors” but am particularly fond of the lavender and lemon. Love these wipes and often give them as gifts.

A must have…

I have used their towelettes for over 9 years and love them! The lavender wipes for my grandchildren are fantastic, no added ingredients and very soothing. I even use them on my dogs for a calming affect especially while traveling. I have used the peppermint for hot flashes, it’s so convenient to tuck them in my purse for quick relief. My granddaughter takes them in her school backpack to use after PE class. The uses are endless. Like I said, a must have!

Mini Gift Set
G.I. Jen
Best Gift for Women of All Ages

I ordered five of these gift sets for Christmas . . . when you are not sure what to get someone, get this- who doesn't like Herban Essentials? I have been using Herban Essentials since 2012 . . .I'll never use anything else!

Did not arrive


Nice size and great scent. We keep in our car and use after pumping gas or before and after eating take out.

Lavender Towelettes
Michelle Wasik

love the lavender

Mini Gift Set
John Jones
Great “little” gifts

My daughters and myself love the smaller size. We also liked the bigger size.

Lavender Towelettes
Careful Consumer
Wrong scent sent

I ordered lavender, but received the lemon instead, so I cannot comment on the scent of the lavender ones. I have not opened the lemon ones yet.

lemon towelettes

these were sent to my granddaughter, she loves them especially after soccer practice.

Lemon Towelettes
Maureen Hardiman
I never received them

You sent them to my old address and I never got them.

Great Smell

All of the towelettes no matter which one you pick are good. The smell makes you smile and everyone loves using them