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Peppermint Towelettes
Rosemary Mc Gillivray
Peppermint Towelettes

I used the peppermint towelette last night for the first time. I rubbed it on my wrists and put it under my pillow case. It helped to keep my sinuses clear while I slept.

Eucalyptus Towelettes
Roseanne Riemenschneider

Satisfied with products

Lemon Towelettes
Deborah Bell
Lemon towelettes

Amazing!! I use these to wipe my kitchen counters down. The smell gives my kitchen the aroma of clean and pristine.

Mini Gift Set
Love the product!

Love the scents. Clean product! Will purchase again.

Lemon Towelettes
elle ewell

never received them

Mini Gift Set
Rita Cocuzza
Love Love Love

I am so happy I saw these while visiting Texas at The Silos. Will keep purchasing ♥️

Lemon Towelettes
Jane LaMarre-Waldron

I usually order lavender— but the lemon has become my favorite. There’s something cheery about it — like spotting a hummingbird in your garden!

These are the best

I love the scents and the handiness of them. They are so refreshing and keep me from spreading things or receiving things I don’t want!! These are absolutely the best

Yoga Towelettes
Jane LaMarre-Waldron

Love these towelettes — I keep a couple bags on hand as they make a very thoughtful gift.


I love these towelettes. The smells are all incredible. I use them every day. I couldn’t live with out them. Thanks

Lavender Towelettes
Maureen Wheeler
Love them!

I have been using these lavender towelettes for a number of years. I love the fragrance! It is lovely!

My Lemon Towelettes

There can only be ONE Lemon Towelette!
That's why I will always purchase my Lemon Towelette from Herban Essentials!
Thanks Herban Essentials!

peppermint towelettes

Loving these peppermint towelettes to ward off misquitos when I'm sitting outside in the early morning having my coffee. I have all the flavors and especially nice to use on a hot day to refresh. These towelettes are excellent! Love them!


Carry in purse, keep in car, backpack and golf bag. Work great!

Great refreshing towelettes

Love them!

I’d live in this scent! My clients like it too. So fresh and clean!

Lemon Towelettes
jane mccoll

like tghe lemon & orange the best - keep a few in my purse & car to have available. gave a pkg to a friend yesterday going on trip to africa

Peppermint Towelettes
Antreina Stone
I Said Yes To The Freshness Of Mint 🍃💕

Lasting and refreshing fragrance. As soon as you tear the package you can smell 👃 the mint as It awakens your senses. Deep breath in, hold it, and exhale!

Mini Gift Set
Judith Pyle
Refreshing and handy

I am an avid cyclist. So whether I need to do a clean up after a hot ride, wipe road grit off my face, or clean up chain grease after I have thrown my chain and have to use my fingers to get it back in place. The packets are so convenient to pack in my purse or my minimalist bike bag!! And they smell so good.

I love these things🍋

I carry the individually-wrapped envelopes in my purse and packpack, and we keep some in the car. They smell wonderful; it’s a natural, true lemon scent, and not the scent of lemon cleanser or citronella. Just lemon. They’re refreshing and handy for quick cleansing and refreshing of hands.

Love these wipes!

These are my favorite wipes. They smell good; are gentle on the skin; & do a good job cleaning, even on hard surfaces.

Lovely product. Effective easy to use.

Ordering delivering all easygoing

Lavender Towelettes
Richard Kidwell

I will be recording when we get a little bit closer to Christmas. Thanks again for all your help R….

Outstanding products

Best product with delicious scents, great for home, car and of course traveling