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Lemon Towelettes

Lemon Towelettes

Lavender Towelettes
Terrie Fenstermann
Love them!

My husband thinks you put ether in with the lavender! He had a lot of trouble sleeping until he used these towelettes! They are fantastic!

The lavender wipes are great.

Peppermint Towelettes
Juliana Bancroft
Peppermint Towelettes

Herban Essentials is a great product and the Peppermint is wonderful with it's aroma and soft touch.

Lemon Towelettes
Gerhard Hahn
Great Product

I have them everywhere, home, office, car, boat, great for a quick clean up

Assorted Towelettes (20 Count)

Peppermint Towelettes
Cathy Campbell
Fantastic aroma

Love the aroma and it last for awhile. Downside, they are so expensive I limit the use of them.

Eucalyptus Towelettes

These Towelettes are the best! Love all the scents but I especially like the Eucalyptus scent. Great to use on hot summer days driving in the car or just sitting on my patio. Will always keep these in stock on my shelf. Great product!

Lemon Towelettes
Sue Garber

Love them just wished you carried Patchouli lol

Smells great soft in hands

Smells great soft in hands


I love the individually wrapped towelettes they’re excellent for travel on airplane, in your car… they’re great to use on my grandchildren absolutely love the product. A quick refresh. ❤️

Best purchase I've made in awhile!

I loved the eucalyptus, I haven't tried the others yet!

Lemon Towelettes
Robin Olds

I love them, great scent, will order more ,I like the feel of them all scents all great, wonderful product,

Buy these!!!

Love the HE towelettes- amazing natural scents, convenient, nicely packaged and so many ways to use them!

Lavender Towelettes
Rhonda Kemeny

When I use the lavender Towelettes I close my eyes and I am transported to the south of France in summer, Heavenly

Mini Gift Set
Margaret Owens
Mini Gift Sets

I absolutely LOVE the mini gift sets. I keep them on hand for gifts for anyone who helps me with anything, from the house cleaners to nurses and doctors. And great stocking-stuffers for anyone. I wish the store offered gift sets of only eucalyptus, the men prefer these because they can be used in car vents. They're the scent recommended for this use on the package.

Natural Fragrance

I started with the orange towelettes in 2020, and immediately loved the fresh, natural fragrance — such a relief from the chemical smells of everything used during Covid. I have now tried all the smells, most recently Peppermint, and they are wonderful. My 4-year-old nephew loves the orange, and wants one every time I take him somewhere just so he can smell it. These are the best!

These are the best! 💜🤍

Lemon Towelettes
Lisa Acuña
❤️ them!

Great quality product. I’m in love.

Orange Towelettes
Kelly Robertson

They are exceptional and very natural smelling.

A must have for everyday use

These towelettes are always in my purse. I have been using them for 10 years. Small but mighty, so they do not take up much room in your purse, car, or backpack. Unlike other towelettes, these are very moist for a complete clean up. I have used them for our whole family, adults and toddlers with no irritations. Makes a great gift too. The smell is wonderful!

Lemon Towelettes
H. Stewart
Awesome product!

I take these towelettes everywhere on my outdoor adventures. They’re great for hiking, kayaking, and picnics—can’t recommend enough!

5 stars


Lavender Towelettes
Margaret Owens
Perfect For Caregivers

The towelettes are perfect little gifts for medical staff. They are a refreshing treat for constantly cleaning hands. I give the individual packs from the gift bags to my female caregivers like nurses, NPs, etc. But I give Eucalyptus packets to males and tell them to put one in the AC vents in their cars to relieve stress. They LOVE them.

Lemon Towelettes
Debra Ward
Nice, scented Lemon Towelettes

The scent is soft and delicate; really nice